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Professional Aerial Photography

Aerial Photographix specialises in photographing commission work and site progress reports for a wide range of clients covering the UK with over 40 years of professional experience and knowledge.

Our photographs are taken from aircraft and helicopters, allowing us to fly a large number of locations in a day at the height which is needed to capture the whole of large or small sites showing them within their boundaries which include very important accurate location views, along with zooming into specific areas to the brief required by our clients. We only use the best high-resolution professional digital cameras to make sure you receive impressive high-quality aerial imagery and because we know what we’re doing, our Aerial Photography Surveys don’t cost the earth.

We work within the mining, quarrying, construction and recycling industries as well as commercial and industrial clients, we work with you to understand your requirements.

All our images are checked for optimal quality and adjusted where necessary by our professional team before we send out the photographs ready for you to use. We aim for a quick turnaround, usually within 1-3 days of the flight.  You’ll be supplied with over 30 various images (more if required) transferred online or posted to you on a USB drive.

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  • Planes & Helicopters

  • Vehicle, Pedestrian & Management Plans

Why We Stand Out From The Rest

Our service doesn’t stop when we step off the plane or put the camera gear back into our camera cases. We offer a full Inside and Out service.

Our Work

A few of our projects from locations across the UK

Planes & Helicopters

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No Drone Zone – Our photographs are taken from planes or helicopters

Dones can’t do the job we do, it’s that simple. Using planes and helicopters allows us to fly at the required height to show a site in its full environment without the images twisting or altering out of its natural state which allows us to provide detailed true to the eye high-quality photographs.

 Drones aren’t allowed to fly above 400 ft (122 metres), they’re not allowed to fly beyond the operator’s line of sight. There are all sorts of restrictions on airspace in which drones are not allowed to fly at all.

If you need aerial photographs, then you probably need Aerial Photographix up in an aeroplane with a big camera. That’s just the way we work.

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